Friday, 27 January 2012

Back to reality...

So I have landed with a huge BUMP back in Scotland this week.  My sister and I managed to make all of our connections and even braved the sleeper train!  I must admit, I had a great sleep...don't know if Jasmyn will agree!

So Hermes.

What can I say?  Absolutely unreal experience.  I cannot put into words how absolutely mind blowing the two days I was in Lyon were.  From a meal with the director of one of the biggest luxury fashion houses in the world, to the Hermes HQ and of course presenting my concepts and designs to the director and another colleague.

Unfortunately I cannot say too much about it due to confidentiality but the group of us that went are the first to be welcomed into the labels HQ and due to their new policies THE LAST!  So it's something that no one else will be able to do.  After being selected down from 38 institutes, I think all of us were just completely amazed by this and truly honoured to be there.

Another amazing thing about the trip was how well we all got on with each other.  I'm not sure if it was because a lot of the students were textiles students (who tend to be a lot friendlier than fashion students..!) or just because we were genuinely all friendly people, but it was really refreshing to get on so well and spend time with them all and hopefully we will keep in touch :)

A lot of exciting things to come.

watch this space :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Photograph - Tatiana Aldana-Cockburn
Model - Hamish Duda

Well, after a hectic week and a few breakdowns Lyon is finally upon us! AHHH!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited but oh so nervous at the same time!  More because I have so many different ways of transport to figure out but the little sister is attending also, so hopefully two heads will be better than one!

I have to present my whole concept for this year, as well as taking a garment.  Me being me, I am taking a few extra bits and pieces, just for that extra touch!  Apart from anything else I'm just super excited to see the Hermes HQ is Lyon and gain some experience in presenting to large companies.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ruffle Ruffle...

I haven't posted on her for a while because I've been so busy!


I was ill for some of it, which meant I stayed in bed for New Year - not cool!  I guessed the holidays should be used for sorting out any patterns...why?

1.  I didn't have anything else I needed to do
2.  I don't like having to spend my night doing patterns in the workshops anymore
3.  I have 6 weeks to complete my collection!

Well, this was incredibly successful, if I had a picture of them I think most people would think I have no life, and they'd be right.  Still, this means I can get cracking!

First Week Back...

I have managed to make my jumpsuit, which has been rag rugged and all.  I must admit I'm extremely proud of myself for getting this completed in such a short space of time.  I thought that the rag rugging was going to take FOR-EVER!

The jumpsuit is travelling on a plane with me over to Lyon on the 23rd and for certain reasons I am not going to post it up here, but there is a sneak preview of what's going on...

I think there is a good balance between clean menswear with an edge!  The fabric is sooo gorgeous and was such a bargain I couldn't believe it!  There's just some pressing to do and this baby is finished!  

Outfit 1 - COMPLETE!

What's next?

Well, quite a lot really.  15 garments to be exact!  I have cut out the next outfit and this will hopefully be sewn up next week, along with another...I know, I'm being ambitious but that's the only way to be I tell you!  Apart from that I have a presentation to do and a load of other things playing on my mind, but for now I think that's all I have to report.

Until next time...