Monday, 13 February 2012

4th Year is HORRIFIC


So we have a week left at Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Design to finish our collections.  and let me tell you, the pressure is DEFINITELY ON!

6 weeks to make a collection seemed not so bad at the start, and having completed all of my patterns and bought all my fabric for returning, I thought that everything would run smoothly...


I forget that everyone makes mistakes (including myself...quite often) and this time scale hasn't really allowed for that.  The next few days is going to be really quite something, although our lecturers have managed to pull some strings and allocated us extra workshop time...from 7.30AM!

I don't sleep enough as it is, so I may as well get rid of my bed because god knows I wont be using it much over the next few days.  Sad times.

The collection is coming along okay, who knows what will happen in the next few days.  Today I was working in the knit room with my little sister.  She's down for a placement which is meant to benefit her, however I think I'm the one gaining most from it, in the form of emotional support.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Maybe I'll fall asleep after sewing for 9 and a half hours and impale myself on the knitting needles....I can dream.