Monday, 21 November 2011



A while ago I was put up for a sponsorship with Hermes, which would lead to possible employment or internship.  I hadn't heard anything in a while and kind of thought it was the end of the road...until I got home a few minutes ago.

I have made the final cut and am due to fly to Lyon in January to present along with a few other students.


This is a fantastic opportunity, not only for myself but also Heriot Watt University who I would never have been offered this without.  Safe to say I am extremely nervous, but also excited!  I have to choose my best piece of work to take with me...rummaging definitely required!

Ill keep you posted but in the mean time, let us take a few moments to look at some of their work!

Sunday, 20 November 2011



A few weeks ago I recieved an email from my lecturer that the scottish academy of fashion had asked for our patterns, spec drawings and fabric choices for our Mackintosh project coats. exciting!

Myself and fellow fashion design for industry student Laura Cooper's jackets had been selected to be manufactured and sent off to NEW YORK CITY to be showcased in an event!

It was a mad rush to get the pattern re-drafted and sent off to the factory, but worth it in the end :)  It's amazing what opportunities we have been given while studying at The School Of Textiles in Galashiels.  I'm not sure what the event was as our lecturer never found out...but any more news and I'll post it up here

Friday, 18 November 2011



due to hand ins and general stress, the blog has suffered a bit of neglecting! BAD TIMES!


This year, 4th year fashion students have been paired up with a helper and mine in the fantastic Sarah Findlay!  When talking to a few of the students I was torn between who I was going to choose...and right at the very end Sarah made her way over to me and changed my life!

She's a fantastically creative person and after a chat this week, I really think we are going to be a great team!

Collection 1 and 2 Hand In

Well, it has been a stressful period of the 1st semester graduate year!  A few weeks ago we had to hand in all work for the collection...DONE!

On to the toiling process - pictures to come!


We are making magazines this semester for trend 1 and for this we were to make a cd to fit in with the whole theme/emotion of your collection.  Due to the morbid and sinister theme in which my collection has been based on, I chose songs that I felt conveyed a mood, but weren't too obvious!  Here's what I have come up with!

1.Berlin - Lou Reed

This song is really stunning.  I went to see Lou Reed a few years ago and this song I feel really conjured up quite an eerie feel, the melody the piano plays being key for this!

2. Strangle Up My Mind - The Underground Youth

I only discovered this band a few weeks ago (where have I been?!) and in terms of songs for fashion films, I felt it almost sucked you in.

2. People Are Strange - The Doors

I love the doors.

3. The End - The Doors

Literal I know, but again, great mood and emotion.

4. Open Up And Bleed - Iggy Pop


5. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground

Almost my all time favourite song. Violin/guitar is just fantastic, I really love the almost sinister feel to this, I think It'd be great for the fashion film/fashion show

6. Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin

I love the crescendo in this song, really takes over you.  The songs I have chosen are linked to the time period of the case so I think this really fits in well

7. Very Friendly - Throbbing Gristle

Woah! LITERAL!  I love the beginning of the song, I would probably use the sound to fit in to the fashion film or a mix for a show if I was to be picked.  The song is pretty horrific I wouldn't be using it in full.  For anyone who doesn't know about the moors murders, this is probably a good way of finding out!

Have a good Weekend :)