Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fashion is over...

well for another few days anyway.

I havent posted anything on this for about 2 months or so...why? Because I have had nothing to say!

When I visited Kingston University in London a few months ago, one of the lecturers there said something very interesting.  That they advise students to study MA Fashion as part timers because it's far too much work to put into one year and they want their students to come out in the best shape that they can...

And I wasn't in that shape when I finished at Heriot Watt, let me tell you!  I have been taking time out to relax and get myself back in order, before I start all over again, and I have to tell you, I am not ashamed of that.  A lot of people think that students sleep all day, only getting up to have some beans on toast before heading out to the pub...I never did this once.  My experience of university was a LOT more hectic than that...and I'm excited to say I'm going back!

I got into both Kingston University and Edinburgh College of Art to do MA Fashion courses.  Controversially, I chose ECA for 3 reasons.

1 - I live in Scotland and I love it
2 - It has a great reputation
3 - I can afford it...sort of

I'm really excited to be starting in a few weeks and to be honest, due to the topics I've been researching, Scotland is the best place for me to be - more on that later!

So I will be posting on this more on the reg, just incase anybody is interested in what's going on.  This year I'm doing a lot more experimental things within menswear so watch this space ;)