Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ruffle Ruffle...

I haven't posted on her for a while because I've been so busy!


I was ill for some of it, which meant I stayed in bed for New Year - not cool!  I guessed the holidays should be used for sorting out any patterns...why?

1.  I didn't have anything else I needed to do
2.  I don't like having to spend my night doing patterns in the workshops anymore
3.  I have 6 weeks to complete my collection!

Well, this was incredibly successful, if I had a picture of them I think most people would think I have no life, and they'd be right.  Still, this means I can get cracking!

First Week Back...

I have managed to make my jumpsuit, which has been rag rugged and all.  I must admit I'm extremely proud of myself for getting this completed in such a short space of time.  I thought that the rag rugging was going to take FOR-EVER!

The jumpsuit is travelling on a plane with me over to Lyon on the 23rd and for certain reasons I am not going to post it up here, but there is a sneak preview of what's going on...

I think there is a good balance between clean menswear with an edge!  The fabric is sooo gorgeous and was such a bargain I couldn't believe it!  There's just some pressing to do and this baby is finished!  

Outfit 1 - COMPLETE!

What's next?

Well, quite a lot really.  15 garments to be exact!  I have cut out the next outfit and this will hopefully be sewn up next week, along with another...I know, I'm being ambitious but that's the only way to be I tell you!  Apart from that I have a presentation to do and a load of other things playing on my mind, but for now I think that's all I have to report.

Until next time...

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