Monday, 24 September 2012

Glasgow : Street Children


This years research

Joan Eardley : Samson Children

I write again from the studio.  Today it's incredible dull outside.  The rain is lashing on the windows, which is a nice change from all of the unbearably hot weather we get here in Edinburgh....

The studio is buzzing with 4th years, which is interesting.  I am noticing that they all get on a lot better than my last class, and EVERYONE uses the studio, which is great to see as I recall a different feeling in Galashiels...

Anyways, today I will post the calling cards that were completed last week.  I have a presentation in two weeks of all of my initial research so as you can imagine it's a hectic time for me, but I'm ploughing through it all with a reasonably fast pace.

I'm off home now...not sure if I'll be getting the train or swimming...

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