Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mr Boateng

I can't remember if I actually mentioned the outcome of the "A Man's Story" Competition, but I was one of the five winners!  It's been quite a long time since I was bombarding every friends facebook with a link to my entry with the words VOTE FOR ME all over the place and I am yet to meet the absolute fashion icon and master that is Ozwald Boateng.

Im super excited to reveal that it will be in the second week of October, so look out!  I might get some snaps with the man himself!


In the weeks up to the show I was bombarded with messages and tweets about the new collection, including a sneak peek of the inspirations, sketches and suits to come.

Boateng's camp were definitely trying to create some hype in the run up to the show.  Being a longtime fan of the superstar tailor, I was of course looking forward to seeing his vision, but I wasn't quite prepared for what was in store.

The Show took place at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City in the Arise African Icons Tent,  helping to rewrite Africa's Story.  5 designers showcased in total, Boateng, Maki Oh, Tifanny Amber, Gavin Rajah and Tsemaye Binitie, showing some of the most cultural and beautful creations.

Beginning with the trailer of his recently released film, the show launched straight into a high and energetic surge of power.  (HOT) Men walked down the catwalk with some of the most insane colours, patterns, fabrics combinations and styling I have ever seen from menswear.  Truly stunning.  The music (which is posted at the top of the page) was amazing, one of my all time favourite songs!  I'm not usually into these dub remixes as sometimes they are just god awful, but this really worked.

This was one of my favourite pieces, I love me an overcoat!  I have to say, as someone that shys away from colour and generally doesn't love a man in head-to-toe pattern, this collection has changed my view.  Regardless of the fact that there is an obvious African influence, the colours and prints are bold and bright and its official, men do look good in them.

Congrats Mr Boateng, once again you have completely changed my opinion of menswear for the better.

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