Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Be inspired...

Deborah's Space Inspiration

This year, Debbie is designing a womenswear collection.  She works in a very clean and graphic style, which is reflected in the execution of her garments.  Here's what she had to say about her wall;

Amber : So Debbie, tell us about the imagery you have on your wall.

Debbie: "I have a very graphic style in working, very clean, muted and simple.  On the wall I have links to British artists and design, which reflect the heritage of   My menswear images are references for my womenswear graduate collection.  I also have Commes Des Garcons and Paul Smith womenswear images which underpin my market research. "

Amber : You have text on the wall as well, what do these reflect?

Debbie : "I have been researching different typography and layouts and while going through some magazines there were several quotes that stood out to me, this in particular by Susan Corrigan;

"Don't forget we're all in this together"

I really like this quote and felt it summed up my feeling of our year as a group.

My space on the other hand, is currently a shrine to Ash Stymest, Frankie Cocozza and Pete Doherty...

...with a couple of nuns throwing snowballs for comedy value.
Although it may look like I've just filled a wall with attractive men, they are actually fashion images...apart from Frankie from The X-Factor.  I wanted to surround myself with images that make me happy, inspire me and help me through the inevitable breakdowns.  Let's see how much it changes over the next few weeks!

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