Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It starts with one idea...

My Final Collection stems from a module I studied last year.  It was such an inspiring module, and the theme I chose was something I was interested in, this really helps the work flow!

Commercial Portfolio Module
Faces Of Evil
The brief : To design a collection that reflects "who you are" and to create a promotional vehicle to advertise it.  Immediately I new the direction I wanted to go in and the subject which I felt reflected the current interests in my life.

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady : The Moors Murderers.  Quite a horrific subject, but something that has captured my attention for the last few months.  After reading a few books I catapaulted myself into the case and focusing on the evidence and trial of one of Britains worst crimes, I began to make links to fashion.

I was surprised how much I actually got from this subject in terms of design ideas, fabric choices, knitwear, knitting techniques and ways in which the collection could be advertised and promoted.  The module required us to have a research book, story board, design development and the final outcome.  I ended up with a bit more than that...

I made two films to coincide with my project See No Evil : Secrets In The Suitcases this is the final fashion film and some stills.

Filming/Editing : Amber Hunter
Location : The Law, North Berwick / The Whisky Bottle, North Berwick
Model : Ramsay Hunter

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