Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Joel & Sons

London - Day 4

So the highlight of the day was visiting Joel and Sons.  After spending a lot of time on Goldhawk Road (an experience in itself) I headed to Church Street in Edgware.

Walking along the street, I started to wonder if I had made a huge mistake...and then I entered the shop.


  I am pretty positive that there is absolutely EVERYTHING in this shop that you could ever want or need for a collection.  Althought it's quite pricy, there are some reasonably priced fabrics and all of the fabrics in there are extremely high quality.  I was showed around my Mr Joel himself, who literally knows every fashion house and the fabrics they use.  He also informed me he's been getting his suits tailored for him since he was 14 years old - instantly fallen in love with this man!

  As you can see I came out with quite a selection.  Most of which are references to find fabrics elsewhere that are perhaps slightly cheaper!  I have a very expensive taste in fabrics...but sometimes I get a bit carried away with myself.  As if I can afford to spend £130 a meter on fabric!  It really gave me a great starting point for the kinds for fabrics I want to use and will definitely be back to see what else I can find.

  They do free samples and write down all information for you, so its a great shop to go to and the staff are so helpful.  I think I'd get some fabric for a really special show piece, if I was feeling flush.

p.s. Check how AMAZING the bag is!! 

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